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 compare fedora to mandrival

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مُساهمةموضوع: compare fedora to mandrival   السبت أكتوبر 17, 2009 6:45 pm

compare fedora to mandrival


Fedora is a general purpose system — it does not concentrate on one specific market. It is suitable both for home users, programmers and the corporate server. In each case it requires some customization however. It is the price that needs to be paid for trying to be good for everyone.

Mandriva Linux (earlier Mandrakelinux) became extremely popular among novice users of Linux, mainly those switching from MS Windows. The system is known for its ease of use and user-friendliness. Mandriva is a very up-to-date distribution, it consists of the latest software which can occasionally cause stability problems. For desktop use it is acceptable for most users and it's a simple tradeoff for being very up-to-date.

Random screen shot

Supported architectures

fedora i386, ppc, x86_64, sparc
Mandriva i586, ppc (unofficial port), x86_64

Minimal hardware requirements

For text mode: 200 MHz Pentium-class, 64MB RAM, 620MB HDD
For graphical mode: 400 MHz Pentium-class, 192MB RAM, 620MB HDD

For text mode: 166 MHz Pentium-class, 64MB RAM, 620MB HDD, For graphical mode: 350 MHz Pentium-class, 128MB RAM, 620MB HDD

Software freedom status

Fedora Free as in freedom.
Mandriva Mostly free, but includes some proprietary drivers



Installer – overall Very mature installer, offering features both for beginner and expert users. Contains most of the features a modern OS installer should have. The only flaw can be install speed and no separate expert mode.
Package selection Present. Single packages can be selected (all dependencies resolved).
Predefined package groups Very well-thought package grouping. All package groups include packages installed by default and optional ones. The default installation is a desktop system with GNOME.


Installer – overall Very good, well-designed installer, considered as the easiest installer of all linux-distributions.
Package selection Present. It's one of the advanced options during the installation.
Predefined package groups Wisely selected groups of packages: 1) Workstation (desktop, games, multimedia, internet, administration tools, programming, LSB), 2) Server (web, ftp, mail, database, firewall, router, 3) Desktop environments (KDE, Gnome, other).



Graphical system management Many graphical configuration tools (mostly GNOME-based). Most system-wide operations can be performed without the need to open the terminal window.
Console-based system management Some console tools provided, including network card configuration (netcard-config), etc.

Graphical system management Lots of useful graphical tools integrated into drakconf AKA "Mandriva Control Center (MCC)". Almost all aspects of the OS may be configured graphically.
Console-based system managementLately many graphical tools have become available also in the semi-graphical (ncurses) mode. It's very useful while using console or remote ssh connection.



System boot-up speed Average boot-up speed. The boot-up scripts written properly.
System responsiveness Acceptable speed and responsiveness, although there are no special optimizations for either desktop or server use.


System boot-up speed Fast bootup speed (comparable to Debian or Archlinux) due to use of pinit since Mdv 2007. Older versions are significantly slower at bootup.
System responsiveness Average system speed. Mandriva has not been optimized for responsiveness.This is just the price to pay for convenience and lots of automatization.
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compare fedora to mandrival
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